Strip steel with reinforcements similar honeycomp installation
Stanzen und Heißprägen in einem Arbeitsgang
Punching and hot shaping
Stanzen und Heißprägen in einem Arbeitsgang
Punching knifes with exchangeable blades
Stanzmesser mit auswechselbaren Schneiden
Punching knifes for hot forming tools
Punching knifes for inspection pieces
Strip steel strap punching knifes

CNC-milled cutting for complex contours
Stanzen von Tiefziehbehältern
Punching of deep-drawing containers
Stanzen von Tiefziehbehältern
Punching knifes, adjustable in length and width
Stanzmesser verstellbar in Höhe und Breite
Automate punching knifes
Solid steel punching knifes
Forged punching knifes
Geschmiedete Stanzmesser

Punching in 3 levels!
Stanzen in 2 Ebenen gleichzeitig
Punching 2 levels in paralell
Stanzen in 2 Ebenen gleichzeitig
Multiple, bolted punching knifes
Mehrfach-Stanzmesser verschraubt
Punching knifes for vacuum suction gripper tools
Werkzeuge für Vakuumsauggreifer
Strip steel punching knifes
Strip steel sock punching knifes
Bandstahl Decksohlenmesser
Stanzwerkzeug mit CNC-gefräster Schneide für komplizierte Konturen

Strip steel punching knifes in stackered wood

For work without tool motion and cuts on the top and automatic punching, attachment under the pressure area.
Durable welded and soldered joints with steel strengths from 2 to 2.5 mm. Suitable for punching goods where thin gumption lines are not sufficient.
Bandstahl Messer in Schichtholz

CUT-MAG:Punching Knifes Rack

Castors and rails are appropriate for extreme loads. Any contact of the knife edges with steel is avoided by surrounding aluminium angles, a plastic hole wall and strong auminium hooks.

This robust rack can be supplied with an individual number of hanging walls. Extension is possible at any time !

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