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The Challenge

Constantly changing requirements, new material and production procedures are a challenge for our customers and thus for us as well. Here is the technical equipment as important as experience and know-how. Nearly 50 years of experience as a supplier of the automotive and many other industries are reflected in our high-optimized tools, production processes and quality management.

Your data in reliable hands!

Mostly an order starts with the transmission and the processing of your construction data. This mission-critical job is done perfectly with our AUTOCAD-Workstations:

Send us your DWG or DXF files comfortable via email.

Also construction from scratch applied to your individual needs can be managed very efficiently directly on screen as well.

This sophisticated software allows us to construct your tool in a minimum of time with a maximum of precision.

We can completely simulate drive paths and material utilization. Modern technology accomannies us from the wireframe model over a rendered preview up to the final product:
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High Tech Punching Knife Production with Wire Erosion and Conventional Methods

Owing to our AGIE Wire Erosion Machine, we are not bound to traditional production procedures. This enables solutions where many of our competitors have to quit.

During the wire erosion procedure, a massive block of steel is cut by a thin wire with the diameter of a human hair.
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This process is completely computer controlled and of highest precision. All construction data is adopted directly from our CAD workstations and processed seemlessly by the controler software.

Different cutting angles can be freely combined. Even the manufacturing of miniature sized tools is possible with this system!
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The final result is a massive, highly precides tool from a single piece of metal. Reproducable in the same accuracy at any time!
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Thanks to a thought out technology and carefully selected materials, our wire eroded tools have at least the same quality and durability than traditiionally manufactured products.

Even Hybrid Tools, which are partitially created the conventional way and with wire erosion are often a clever first choice solution.

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